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Restorative Hair Tonic is an add on service for professional stylists. It is going to have you and your clients loving their hair again.

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Restorative Hair Tonic

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Restorative Hair Tonic (RHT) is an all-natural collagen protein-based hair treatment that revitalizes the hair creating stunning results. Hair that had been limp and empty becomes lush, thick, full and alive.

Your clients will see immediate results, but Restorative Hair Tonic does have a cumulative effect on the quality and body of the hair, meaning your clients will return for many treatments, improving their hair over repeated applications. That makes this an add-on service that will quickly add revenue to your wallet.

Restorative Hair Tonic produces hair with abundant shine and body. It smooths damaged hair and allows hair to grow without breaking.

Say goodbye to limp and lifeless hair and say hello to strong beautiful new hair.

Common Client

  • My hair feels brittle, empty, lifeless and dry.
  • My hair has no body.
  • My hair has no shine.

Restorative Hair
Tonic Solutions

  • Repairs damaged hair.
  • Adds volume and body.
  • Adds abundant shine to hair.


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"Hey, did you put a wig on me? I can’t believe my hair is behaving the way it is. Big, shiny, silky, and thick!"

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"My hair had been so damaged and frizzy. Restorative Hair Tonic really helped smooth it out, it feels much stronger and healthier. It’s amazing, my hair improves with each treatment."


Restorative Hair Tonic is a professional salon service and is available ONLY to licensed hair stylists. You will not find it available on Amazon.com or other online retailers.

Stylist Benefits

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It is not for sale to the public. Ask your stylist to contact us if you’d like them to carry Restorative Hair Tonic. RHT is a true add-on service. That’s because it can be applied quickly so you can still work in a treatment even if it’s unscheduled.