We’re all about beautiful hair.

Thick, luscious, shiny, full hair. 

Big, gorgeous hair!

We crafted Restorative Hair Tonic simply to make hair look and feel better. 

Put it on.  Feel it in your hair.  Then feel it in your hair weeks later.  That’s because Restorative Hair Tonic is a long-lasting conditioner that strengthens the long-chain protein of the hair, creating hair that is full, lustrous, and feels alive!

Restorative Hair Tonic is an all-natural collagen protein based hair treatment that revitalizes the hair creating stunning results. We add only organic botanicals and oils to produce a hair treatment that is totally unique in the hair industry. 

Your clients will love the results. 

Because RHT has a cumulative effect on the quality and body of the hair, your clients will return for many treatments, improving the hair over repeated applications.  Your clients will be so happy with the results that this add-on service will quickly add revenue to your wallet.  

An additional benefit of Restorative Hair Tonic for the stylist is that this treatment can be added to your service even if it’s unscheduled, that’s because RHT applies quickly and you can work the hair while it’s on the client.

Restorative Hair Tonic is also gentle on the body.  If you can wash and comb hair, you can apply Restorative Hair Tonic.  And since the best results occur when allowed to remain in the hair overnight, there is no need to blow the hair dry, creating less stress on the body.  Additionally, Restorative Hair Tonic goes on quickly allowing you to maximize your income without committing more of your time.


We think we all feel better when we look better.

We think that we could, each of us,  love ourselves more and treat ourselves better than we do. 

We don’t think it’s healthy for your hair to be treated with chemicals, and we are certain that environmental damage to the hair is a fact of life, especially if you life in an urban center.

We know that the food you eat, the water you drink and swim in, and the medicines you take all contribute to and effect the health of your hair.  So please, eat properly.

We also think that it’s better to give than receive.  You can now give your clients the gift of the hair they’ve been wanting, a return to the hair of their youth.  You can give them the gift of hair that will give them total confidence in their appearance.

And we think that’s pretty cool.


Restorative Hair Tonic is chemical-free, all-natural, and made with the highest quality organic ingredients.

Absolutely NO

1. Parabens
2. SD40 Alcohol
3. Artificial Preservatives
4. Artificial Coloring
5. Artificial Scents
6. Xenoestrogens
7. Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients