“Restorative Hair Tonic is Pure Magic!  After anesthesia my hair was falling out, I got a Restorative Hair Tonic treatment, it immediately stopped falling out and was growing back within 2 weeks.  My hair is now thick and silky, and I have never loved my hair more.”

-Michelle B. 

“I can’t get over what Restorative Hair Tonic has done for my hair post-op.  My hair recovered immediately and continues to get much softer.  It’s a terrific product.”


"I love how my hair looks and feels after a Restorative Hair Tonic treatment.  It's so much smoother and so shiny, and I've noticed that I'm losing less hair in the shower." 

-Callie D.

"After getting a Restorative Hair Tonic treatment I love my hair!  So does my husband!!  I love that you use all-natural ingredients and NO alcohol or chemicals.  It feels so soft and healthy."

-Joanne G. 

“After having several Restorative Hair Tonic treatments, I have been so pleased how much it has helped my hair issues, restoring a sheen and texture I haven’t seen in years.” 

-Ruth C. 

“My hair had been so damaged and frizzy.  Restorative Hair Tonic really helped smooth it out, it feels much stronger and healthier.  It’s amazing, my hair improves with each treatment.”


“I love the Tonic!  I love that it keeps my hair smooth so I don’t have to blow it dry every day.”

-Gali N.

“Hey, did you put a wig on me?  I can’t believe my hair is behaving the way it is.  Big, shiny, silky, and thick!”


“I want you to know that I just love the Tonic you put on my hair.  It feels thicker and fuller and the ends look great.  No splits!!  It’s amazing.”


“The Restorative Hair Tonic is the resurrection of my curl! My curl is back and the frizz gone.  I will always get the Tonic.”


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-Natasha F.

“The Restorative Hair Tonic is great!  It is the greatest hair treatment I have ever had. My hair is stronger, and my Brazilian Blowout lasts longer.  It makes my hair better and grow stronger.”

-Stacy S.

“The Restorative Hair Tonic makes my curls curl, and my hair no longer feels brittle.”


“My curl wasn’t right.  Restorative Hair Tonic has restored my curl and makes my hair feel thicker.  I love it!”


“Please give my husband the Tonic every time you cut his hair.  I love what it’s done to his hair, it looks much fuller.”

-Erica B.