For Stylists

You work hard and you deserve to enjoy the benefits of being a licensed professional.  It takes hard work to build your clientele and keep your clients happy with their hair.

This is the reason that we are making a commitment to you, the professional stylist, that we will protect your markets by keeping Restorative Hair Tonic in the hands of licensed stylists only.  No Amazon and no Ulta.

There are many reasons you will fall in love with Restorative Hair Tonic.  Maybe the most exciting is that you are going to earn more money.   It's also an add-on service that is much easier on your body than most traditional hair services, and with Restorative Hair Tonic you don’t have to invest a big block of time for the service. 

Restorative Hair Tonic is NOT available for sale to the public for home use. Restorative Hair Tonic is available ONLY through licensed professional stylists as an IN-SALON service.

It’s the reason we make you log-in to make a purchase.  It’s the only way we can ensure that Restorative Hair Tonic remains exclusive only to licensed hair professionals.

Benefits to the Stylist

  • MAKE MORE MONEY.  Make significant income from repeated sales to each of your existing clients.
  • RHT is a true add-on service.  That’s because it can be applied quickly so you can still work in a treatment even if it’s unscheduled.
  • Not physically demanding on you, the stylist.  If you can wash and comb hair, you can do Restorative Hair Tonic service.
  • Stylist can comfortably book 3-4 Restorative Hair Tonic treatments in one-hour.
  • Availability is limited to licensed and certified stylists only.  This product is not available on or other on-line retailers.


  • Restorative Hair Tonic is an in-salon service.  It is not for resale.
  • Restorative Hair Tonic is not for sale at, Floyd, Super Cuts, etc.


To reorder Restorative Hair Tonic, click here or scan the QR code on the label of your bottle.


  1. My hair feels…
    Crunchy, brittle, stiff, empty, dry, dead, limp, lifeless
  2. My hair is too tangled
  3. My hair has no body/volume.
  4. My hair is dull.
  5. My hair is falling out.
  6. My hair is thinning.
  7. My hair breaks from over processing.
  8. My hair is frizzy.
  9. I have split ends.
  10. Something is wrong with my natural curl.


  1. Hair benefits from all-natural collagen protein.
  2. Repairs damaged hair.
  3. Revitalizes hair.
  4. Adds shine to hair.
  5. Adds volume to limp, lifeless, fine hair.
  6. Reduces hair fall.
  7. Restores natural curl.
  8. Reduction of hair frizz.
  9. Makes hair soft.
  10. Strengthens hair from the root.